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I really loved the look and feel of Lena.  We came in on a cold winter night, so the sizzling fireplace and hole in the wall booth were perfect. The baked goat cheese appetizer was delicious at first, but then became too heavy and salty after the first few bites. My boyfriend thought the fish tacos (beer-battered or pan-seared ocean fish with black bean menestra, sofrito rice, lettuce, escabeche salsa and Ecuadorian chimichurri) were okay.  Initially, I was excited about the roasted beet salad (with dressed frisée-lettuce, toasted pine nuts, avocado puree, queso fresco and Cara Cara orange segments), but there was a super salty sauce that tainted the entire dish. Our astute waiter noticed that I didn’t eat much of my salad, and kindly took it off the bill for us. After a couple recent experiences with less than stellar service, it was really refreshing to have a great server who checked in on us exactly the right number of times, and at the right moments. For dessert, the flan was delicious. I forgot my ID and so didn’t get to try any of their cocktails, some of which looked quite interesting, like the Mango Flower (St. Germaine with fresh lime, vodka, simple syrup and ice spheres) or Long Walk to Ecuador (Knob Creek bourbon, Campari, cherry liqueur, Falernum liqueur and fresh muddled blackberries with a whiskey cube).  Overall, lovely atmosphere, great service, but mediocre food.  Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

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2 thoughts on “CloverEats: Lena in Ann Arbor

  1. I do luv the look. But times I’ve been there service was terrible. And you’re being kind about the food. Wish it would be better bc I like the concept and it’s a great location.

    Maybe the club in basement is making too much money. Otherwise resto would feel pressure to improve
    Great pix as always


    • I was downtown the other night and saw a huge line outside of Lena going all the way down the block, turns out it was for Habana. It sucks that you had bad service there; the service was its redeeming factor for me.


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