CloverEats: vegan/vegetarian fare at The Lunch Room in Ann Arbor







In the little Kerrytown courtyard where our favorite sushi joint Yamato once was, The Lunch Room offers tasty vegan and vegetarian fare. It’s always interesting to see how traditional dishes can be made with only plant ingredients! Everything was fresh, and I loved the space – the spices behind the counter and the bright, giant windows. I got a chai, made with almond milk, which was super spicy. The pad thai had “broad bean thread noodles pan fried with slightly spicy coconut-milk peanut sauce and topped with fresh red pepper, cilantro, cucumber, crushed peanuts and a lime wedge” – the noodles were interesting, but the real star in this dish were the super fresh cucumbers! The peanuts were also very flavorful. The mac and cheese is described as “the ultimate comfort food, the “cheese” is rich with butternut squash & red peppers. Baked to perfection with a crunchy almasen (almonds, lemon zest and sesame seeds) topping” – perhaps because I have certain expectations of what mac and cheese is supposed to taste like, I thought the “cheese” was unfortunately not cheesy at all. I’ve heard great things about their Tempeh Reuben and Breakfast Burrito, and would like to try them sometime. Also, there’s a great variety of baked goods, and while our Boston Creme donut also didn’t taste like a traditional Boston Creme, it was quite delicious! I also feel healthy eating here, and I love how creatively plant-based ingredients are used to make a wide range of unexpected dishes. I was caught off-guard when the dishes we got tasted different from how I expected them to; I think I just need to go into my next meal here with a more open mind. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

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