Ann Arbor Restaurant Week: Seva


Seva, Ann Arbor’s great vegetarian/vegan restaurant, recently closed their downtown Liberty St. location and moved to a much larger space at the Westgate Shopping Center, near Zingerman’s Roadhouse.  We hadn’t gone there in a while, and thought a visit was much overdue, especially since their Restaurant Week menu featured a mole dish!  

My Blueberry Smash – lemons, blueberries, and ginger in gin and apple liquer.  Their Restaurant Week menu has a 2 for $28 dinner, a great deal that’s cheaper than a lot of the other Restaurant Week locations.
Seva-4 Seva-5

Apples with spicy pecan chutney – apples are apples, but this chutney was great!  Very interesting flavor combination.  The pear, leek, and gruyere filo cups were a very hearty appetizer; I’m pretty sure most of the space in my stomach was taken up by these.  Seva-6

The enchiladas mole was the star of this meal!  Fred absolutely loves mole, and once spent a whole day grinding everything from tortillas to raisins to chocolate to make the perfect mole sauce.  We were absolutely blown away by Seva’s mole sauce – it just had such complexity and depth, with just the right amount of spice.Seva-7

The Navrathan Korma was also very flavorful and hearty, but we really focused on the enchiladas mole.  For dessert, we were too full to have more than just a bite from our chocolate-coconut-macadamia tart and key lime with guava sauce, but they were both also very tasty!Seva-8 Seva-9 Seva-10 Seva-11Their new location certainly makes parking easier, even if it’s a big of a longer drive.  I think things overall even out.  The new space feels a lot bigger than the old space, although I miss the rustic, homey feel of their old restaurant.  The good news is the food is still tasty!  Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
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8 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Restaurant Week: Seva

  1. Glad to hear that Seva didn’t lose anything food-wise with the move. My dad actually lives close to Westgate, so now I have a good reason to stop by next time I’m in town (without having to worry about parking downtown!).


  2. I’m not necessarily against vegetarian restaurants… Oh wait, I am. Seriously id check it out , but I don’t get to eat out as much as I’d like and there are too many meat options if want before this. Looks great tho


    • I wasn’t big on vegetarian/vegan restaurants until I came to Ann Arbor. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by non-meat versions of everything! Sometimes, dishes taste like they’re trying too hard to be what they’re not (my vegan mac and cheese at The Lunch Room), other times they’re damn tasty (the aforementioned mole). Speaking of meat, have you hit up Tomukun KBBQ yet? So. Much. Meat. Meat everywhere! Meat sweats!


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