CloverEats: Afternoon Delight

Muffin Delight

Despite having been in Ann Arbor for a couple years now, we’ve never made it out to Afternoon Delight. We heard of incredible waits for Sunday brunch, but we arrived, we got seated almost immediately.  The whole street corner near the restaurant smelled like waffle/pancake/muffin goodness.  The inside was much larger than I imagined, and reminded me somewhat of a school cafeteria mixed with an old fashioned diner.  I was very interested in the Muffin Delight – one of their famous bran muffins split and topped with frozen yogurt – how would something like this work?  Would it be an interesting spin on the typical frozen yogurt?  As you can see above, it’s the froyo that we all know and love.  While the muffin was good and the froyo was good, I just wasn’t convinced that they were meant to be together like this.  It also came out piping hot, and we had to eat it quickly before it melted!

Morning Delight


Pecan Waffle


Overall, some good, standard brunch fare.  Unfortunately, they were all out of potato pancakes, so I didn’t get to try the interesting Potato Pancake Eggs Benedict.  The fresh-squeezed orange juice was skippable.  The waffle and Morning Delight were tasty, but nothing I’d wait an hour for.  Check them out at their website or on Yelp!

Afternoon Delight Restaurant & Catering on Urbanspoon


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