CloverEats: Echelon Foods’ turducken with Momma Cuisine


I was kindly invited by Echelon Foods and Momma Cuisine to join them during part of their Getting Ready for the Holidays national tour showcasing the intersting amalgamation, Turducken. Not only is it fun to say, it packed an interesting array of meat and flavors – turkey with stuffing, duck, and chicken. Johanna Cook is Momma Cuisine, a blogger and cooking personality, and she was incredibly warm and welcoming.


The turducken in all its glory.  You cook it like a turkey basically, slow and steady in the oven.

MommaCuisine-2 MommaCuisine-3

MommaCuisine-6 Unwrapping a cooked turducken for samples.MommaCuisine-7 MommaCuisine-9 Johanna was so warm and enthusiastic, as well as great at multitasking.  She chopped vegetables, chatted with visitors, offered advice and sought suggestions all at the same time.

MommaCuisine-11 MommaCuisine-12

MommaCuisine-16This delicious Wild Rice Salad (recipe here) was a fantastic side to the turducken.  It was sweet from the Craisins, savory from the rice, fresh from the greens.  Johanna mentioned that it tasted good at all temperatures, making it an ideal dish to bring to a party, without having to worry about refrigerating or heating the dish!

MommaCuisine-13Here is my sample plate, generously loaded up with turducken and wild rice salad!  It was delicious!MommaCuisine-14

Here’s to hoping you have a great holiday season.  Thanks again to Echelon Foods and Momma Cuisine for introducing me to turducken!  Good luck and safe travels in the rest of your tour!MommaCuisine-15


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