FredWrites: Crop Kitchen in Cleveland

Crop-2We arrived in Cleveland a few hours early, and so decided to check out the local food scene. We stopped by Crop Kitchen, which seems to be a newer restaurant given they only have 10 reviews so far on Yelp. We visited in the middle of the afternoon, and Fred, feeling poetic, decided to write this post in the form of haikus.


Crop-4Blood and Roses Cocktail
Made with alcohol
Straws get clogged with blackberry
Tastes fruity but strong
Comes in a carafe
This is appreciated
I never ran out
Crop-6Yin/Yang Roll
Two types of tuna
Kind of spicy but still good
Portions are small though
Crop-7 Pork Tacos
Tender shredded pork
Tasty sauce and vegetables
These tacos were great
Crop-8 Pork Springroll
Crispy shell with pork
With Sweet plum? Sauce for dipping
Best dish of the meal
Crop-9 Cherry Bomb
Filo wrapped tomato
Three sauces came with this dish
But which do I use??

Deviled Eggs
Eggs with pepper yolk
With a crisp of proscuitto
Devilishly good

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Crop Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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