CloverEats: Cocoro in River North, Chicago


I met up with one of my friends for ramen the other week. At first, we tried to go to High Five Ramen, but they weren’t open yet for the night, so we headed up to Cocoro instead. We were able to find street parking just around the corner, and were seated as soon as we entered. We started off with some fantastic matcha green tea, which was much richer and more flavorful than other teas I’ve tried. It was pretty empty when we arrived, but soon began filling up with a surprising number of Japanese businessmen, which I took to be a good sign of the restaurant’s authenticity.

We started off the meal with uni.  This was my first experience with it, and I was delighted by its smooth, creamy texture.  We were lucky and got the last two pieces in the restaurant!  Cocoro-5

Then we moved on to ramen!  My friend got the tonkotsu, which was super flavorful and filling.  I got the Nagasaki Champon, which was enough to make three meals of of!  I thought the tonkotsu was the better of the two dishes, but they were both tasty.  Cocoro-6


The service was great to start off with, but we were seated in a corner and near the end of the meal had a hard time getting hold of someone to get the check.  Otherwise, a very pleasant experience.Cocoro-2

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
Cocoro on Urbanspoon


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