CloverEats: Valentine’s Day at Paesano


We’ve passed by Paesano countless times but somehow I’ve never blogged about them.  It was a snowy Valentine’s Day, but we made the trek out Washtenaw Ave for a lunch date.  The restaurant was mainly decorated for Mardi Gras, but there was a little table with some lovey-dovey pieces.  

Paesano-2 Paesano-8

The restaurant is large, so different areas have a really different feel.  It looks like they have a pretty large wine collection.


We started with some soup and salad.  Nothing too special here.  I did enjoy their warm bread, which came sealed in a napkin blanket.

Paesano-5 Paesano-6

Lasagna and chicken with plum sauce and kale.  While the quality of the ingredients and the cooking were technically good, I just wasn’t impressed by the flavor.  It is a generous portion, plenty left to take home for at least one or two more meals.


Dessert – chocolate cake!  I was imagining dense dark chocolate cake, and so was at first disappointed when this light fluffy cake came out.  However, it came with a lovely vanilla chantilly and candied pecans and dates.  The toppings were fantastic, and I enjoyed this dessert much more than I thought I would.


Overall, a nice meal but nothing spectacular.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
Paesano's on Urbanspoon

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