CloverEats: Blue House Korean BBQ in Mundelein


I’m a huge fan of Korean BBQ.  There’s something so fun about getting together to cook and chat over a fire, even if it’s usually a bit more expensive than a regular meal, as well as a bit longer.  I saw this particular place in a strip mall while driving the other day, and decided to check it out.  There’s plenty of parking right outside the restaurant.


It’s a bit chilly at first, sitting under the vent without the fire going, but once things get turned on and the meat starts cooking, you can warm up quite nicely.  The barley tea is always nice in the winter.  We started off with some kimchi pajun, which I never eat more than a piece of, but which makes a great leftover.  BlueHouse-3BlueHouse-5

I love banchan!  They are always delightful, and these were no exception.  Unfortunately, Blue House only serves my favorite mul naemyung during the summer months, so I had to settle for the less delicious bibim naemyung, which is just the noodles with some veggies and hot sauce, rather than the cold broth that you can dump mustard and vinegar into.  BlueHouse-6

We got the house special version of kalbi.  The server very kindly cut it up for us into bite-sized pieces and arranged it onto the grill for us.  While the sauce was fantastic, with just enough sweetness, I thought the cuts of meat were too thick and not as tender as galbi that I’ve had elsewhere.  BlueHouse-7 BlueHouse-8

Overall, a reasonable experience.  You can’t go wrong with Korean BBQ, but Blue House was much more expensive than other places I’ve been to, with meat that I thought wasn’t especially tender.  The service was great though.  Check them out on Yelp!
Blue House Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon

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