Snapshot: Curry on Crust in Canton, MI


Mango Chicken Pizza – Makhni sauce, cheese, tikka chicken, onion, mango, green pepper.

We went to SkyZone, the giant indoor trampoline park in Canton, and bounced our hearts out.  It was tons of fun, even though the teenagers always kick our butts in dodgeball.  We had a great workout (clocked in an average heartrate of 130 bpm) and were starving afterwards.  There’s a little strip mall on the corner of Ford Rd. and N. Canton Center Rd. that luckily houses some delicious little finds.  First, we hit up the adorably named Curry on Crust!


IMG_7858 IMG_7857

It was a pretty small shop, but they very nicely rearranged a bunch of the smaller tables so our large group of 10 could sit together.  We got two large and two small pizzas, and two 2L bottles of sodas. All of this came to a mere $60.  I do wish they had large bottles of water or a soda/water machine.


Malai Paneer Pizza – Garlic & herb sauce, cheese, malai paneer, onion & green pepper.

First off, I love the idea of putting unexpected toppings on a pizza.  Especially with Indian food, where I usually load up a piece of naan with stuff anyway, here, it’s prepackaged with cheese!  However, the pizza part of the equation shifts the balance of things – I usually adore paneer, but this time felt it was too overpowered by the cheese on the pizza to truly shine.  Not to say it wasn’t delicious, but there were better options to be had, namely the Gobi Munchurian.  This had just the right amount of spice and flavor, and went great on a pizza.


Gobi Munchurian Pizza – Chilli sauce, cheese, onion, green peppers, cauliflower, garlic, ginger & chillies.

To my surprise, my go-to Butter Chicken did not taste as delicious in pizza form as its cousin, the Mango Chicken pizza, which while still keeping the makhani sauce, had tikka masala chicken.  I would definitely go for the Mango Chicken!

Butter Chicken Pizza – Makhani sauce, cheese, butter chicken, onion & green pepper.

Overall, a great concept and a fantastic meal!  Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

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