CloverDrinks: Sweetology in Ann Arbor


Sweetology is where Momo Tea used to be, and looks a lot plainer and more empty.  The attendant was polite but had a very clearly bored expression, which I could understand given how empty the cafe was.  Sweetology-2

Sweetology-3 Sweetology-4

It was cool to be able to see samples of everything like this, even though you couldn’t actually try or touch anything.Sweetology-5

The bubble tea was refreshing and the boba had a good consistency.  You are offered the “British style” or the “original style”, or something along those lines.  It would have been nice if there were samples of each type, because we were just offered “one is milkier” and “one is more tea-flavored” as an explanation.


We got these tasty steamed dumplings.  They were quite good, but nothing amazing.


The “Mango Mochi” was cream and mango pieces wrapped in a crepe shell, no rice like one would expect from a dessert named mochi.  Perhaps a different name would help clear up this confusion.


These red bean sticky rice balls smelled really bad, so we sent them back.  At first we were told that they were made fresh, but then the waitress apologized and brought out two additional servings of dumplings for us.  That was really nice, but I still don’t think I’ll be coming back for food.

Check them out on Yelp!


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