Special Guest Feature: Claudia Eats: Georgina’s in Traverse City

Georginas-13A Michigan citizen for much of her life thus far, special guest feature Claudia is an astute foodie, paying attention to details and enjoying food from all around.  She truly appreciates a meal well done and has introduced us to a wide range of Michigan goodies, and so it is only fitting that she provide the review for this wonderful gem we ran into during one of our last weeks in Michigan.  Now she lives in LA, where she continues to make the mouths of all her Facebook followers water with pictures of her gourmet adventures.  

Georginas-6As a long time Michigander, but not a frequent traveler up north, I was pleasantly surprised when my friends and I found Georgina’s in Traverse City on an off-season weekend trip to the tip of the mitten.

Georginas-3Georginas-2When you first walk into Georgina’s, you’re greeted by a modern ambience and a generous view of the open kitchen behind the bar.


A glance through their menu then shows you an eclectic mix of Latin fusion and Asian fusion fare that is unique for this part of Michigan.


Our group of 9 favored the Latin fusion dishes, the highlight of which were the Puerto Rican lasagna and lechon con mojo.


Puerto Rican Lasagna:  Lasagna made with plantains in place of noodles, a bolognaise with mozzarella, and feta. Topped with Swiss cheese and finished with sour cream. Served with rice, beans, and plantain.

The plantains in place of noodles gave the Puerto Rican lasagna an extra bit of sweetness and the texture went well with the bolognaise.


Lechon con Mojo: Classic Cuban pork marinated in mojo (white wine and lemon juice), sauteed with savory caramelized onions, and garlic. Served with rice and beans.

The lechon con mojo was my personal favorite, although I mistakenly didn’t order it, and would appeal to anyone who enjoys citrus as the lemon/wine sauce perfectly cuts through the fattiness of the tender pork and leaves the diner wanting more.


Onion Slaw Taco:  Red onion, white onion, and cilantro marinated with limes and olive oil served with Nicaraguan or Cuban pork.


For those with dietary restrictions, Georgina’s had a variety of vegetarian/seafood tacos, which were all delicious and good for appetizers to share or entrée for one.


And as difficult as I find it to enjoy Asian fusion dumplings (because nothing beats homemade pork and chive dumplings made by grandpa), the chicken dumplings here were unexpectedly tasty :).
Georginas-5 Georginas-10 Georginas-14 Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
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