CloverEats: Junzi Kitchen, Broadway, New Haven










The other day, we were just talking about the range of make-your-own style restaurants in New Haven – Tikkaway, Pitaziki, and the like. We lamented the lack of a similar Asian offering. Lucky for us (and all of New Haven), Junzi Kitchen pops up to fill the void in our hearts and bellies. Offering your choice of a (knife-cut!!!) noodle bowl or a chun bing wrap, you can choose from a variety of tasty fillings/toppings.

With everything from fresh plants to peg board walls, the atmosphere feels refreshing and hip. At the same time, the food offerings are authentic – There are several wooden panels and stools at the front of the restaurant, but we opted for takeout. The noodles were pulled from the pot right in front of us. I have spent many a post emphasizing my love for knife-cut noodles, and how it’s hard to find it, and so was delighted by their availability here. We both opted for noodles but also got some bing on the side to test. The bing had excellent texture. We were expecting the noodles to come with broth but instead they came with sauce, which was good, just unexpected.

Got some cucumber sides and some iced tea. Everything was tasty! No, it’s not NYC-level Chinese food, but it sure is a delightful addition to the New Haven lineup! Check them out on Yelp or at their website!





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