NOLO in New Haven


I’ve been here already several times since it’s been open the last few months. I really like the spacious parking lot and the large inner space; we’ve had large groups here without feeling crowded and the upper level has a lounge space. We got pizza the first few times but where I think Nolo really shines is its pasta – made from scratch, this is my favorite bucatini cacio e pepe in New Haven. It’s got amazing texture. The pizza is also good, similar to Da Legna, given the owner. I also enjoy the sour Watermelon on the Streets in the Town of New Haven beer. I’ve also heard good things about the burgers. The catch of the day was great the first time but kind of fishy and less fresh the second time, but still okay.  Servers always really nice, though sometimes things are a bit slow.  Overall, a tasty new place in New Haven; it’s a pizza town but try the menu beyond the pizza here. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

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