CloverGraduates! at Evanston’s “Oceanique”

I remember going to Oceanique when I was younger, and being bored by how long long long the meal dragged out.  Now, officially graduated from college, I appreciated the meal a lot more – there is something so luxurious about an extended leisurely dinner.  I went with my boyfriend and my parents, and the restaurant prepared a special Graduates menu for us!

It feels like we're underwater!

The wine list was a book by itself, featuring pages upon pages of different vintages and grapes.  So I just got a cocktail!

I’m guessing we weren’t the only family to stop by for graduation.

There were so many delicious parts to this meal.  Thanks, NU, it’s been a great four years!

Official website; Yelp!

Oceanique on Urbanspoon

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