CloverEats! Italian at Northbrook’s Francesco’s Hole in the Wall

The door has a cute brick design.

Some restaurants are called “Hole in the Wall” in order to facilitate a cute, homey image of themselves.  Other restaurants are called “Hole in the Wall” because that’s exactly what they are.  Francesco’s is the latter – despite being open for many years now, the restaurant remains a single room, and its parking lot is always packed.

Pre-Facebook "wall photos."

My parents and I waited about half an hour for a table, sipping our drinks in the hallway while perusing the family photos lining the walls.

Hand-written menu.

Interesting wall decorations; crowded.

The single room was packed with noise.  Instead of menus, there was a board on one of the walls, with the day’s specials handwritten.  Now starving, we dove right in and started eating.  The Osso Buccho was highly recommended on Yelp, as was the Lobster Ravioli, and so that’s what we got.  Our waitress was friendly, and convinced us to get a salad as well, which was simple but quite nice.

The simple but fresh salad our waitress talked us into getting.

So tender! Fall-off-the-bone tender!



And dessert!

YELP; Official Website.

Francesco's Hole In The Wall on Urbanspoon

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