Snapshot: bulgogi+hoagie = “boagie” at Ann Arbor’s Kosmo


Hidden behind Sweetwater and Sparrow Market in Kerrytown, we found Kosmo, a cute little Korean greasy spoon.  The menu was colorful, and the decor was cool and metallic.


The “twigim” – a collection of deep fried tempura veggies served like cheese fries.  Supposedly, this is one of the things that put Kosmo on the map!


My “boagie” – bulgogi on a hoagie/philly cheesesteak!  Korean fushion is adorbs.


Bibimbop at Kosmo – choose four vegetables to go into a bowl of rice!

The quality isn’t amazing, but for a cute little diner at the back of Kerrytown, Kosmo sure is tasty!  Check them out on Yelp or the next time you’re studying in Kerrytown!

Kosmo on Urbanspoon

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