CloverEats: online sushi IRL at Ann Arbor’s!

When Fred suggested that we go eat at, I thought he was joking.  But no, nestled right next to Panera is the cutely named little sushi joint!


We went for lunch, and there was a nice special with miso soup and ginger salad.  I also got a Ramune, which is always fun to open!

Crunch roll and kabocha roll!

The Crunch roll was super delicious!  It has soybean paper, yellowtail, red snapper, cucumber, tempura crunchy flakes, and sweet and spicy sauces!

Korean Chirashi!

I got a chef’s choice assortment of sashimi (it’s hidden under the salad in this photo).  It was a nice mix of fishes, and I love the sweet/spicy Korean hot sauce it comes with!

Sushi dot com is nice for a lunch break, but I think it’s kind of expensive for the quality of fish.  Oh Evanston, how I miss the Blu Lounge and Kansaku…  Anyway, check them out on Yelp!

Sushi.Com on Urbanspoon

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