CloverDances: salsa night at Ann Arbor’s Cafe Habana!

I love the lights here.

On Thursday nights, Cafe Habana hosts a weekly salsa class!  We finally went to go check it out after hearing lots of good things about it.  I really liked the decorations at the restaurant – everything from the chandeliers to the arches to the paintings.


It turns out that not only is there salsa downstairs in the dance room, but there are deals on both the sangria and mojitos!  They have a full bar with appetizers in the club 21+ area, and also a full menu upstairs.  We also lucked out in choosing a delicious warm goat cheese dip that was just amazing.

Amazing goat cheese.


I think Cafe Habana loses a lot of love on Yelp because they’re not very Cuban, despite advertising themselves as so.  Fred’s tacos were okay, as were the sangria and mojitos, but the dance atmosphere was fresh and the salsa class was fun!  Check out Cafe Habana on Yelp or at their official website!

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