CloverAges: Ann Arbor’s Chop House!

This post is several months late, but somehow it got buried under a bunch of other drafts.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the premise: several Main St. restaurants have awesome birthday deals, and among them is The Chop House, which will pretty much adjust discounts so that the birthday person gets a free meal (50% off for two, 33% off for three, etc).  There’s actually a ton of things that Ann Arbor offers when your time of year comes around; you can check them out here.

Our appetizers, tomato soup and mac and cheese, were delicious!  We both got steaks for dinner, Fred getting what our waiter described as a 10+ marbling ratio Kobe beef steak.  Everything was amazing, and the service was superb.  I can’t believe we got a 50% discount at such a nice restaurant!  Unfortunately, I was sick with the flu, so we called it an early night and skipped dessert.  I definitely want to go again sometime!

Check out The Chop House on Yelp or its official website!

Chop House on Urbanspoon

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