CloverEats: L’Albatros in Cleveland


We went to Cleveland for a few days, and of course checked out some of the restaurants. The most highly-rated restaurant in the area where we were staying was L’Albatros. It was within walking distance from our hotel in University Circle, and we got to pass by the exploding soda can building on the way there.  
There was a parking lot right by the restaurant, although it seemed like you had to pay for it.  The restaurant itself seems to be an old house, and is near some of the Case Western dorms, but separate enough to maintain its nice atmosphere. You pass by the kitchen on the way to the dining area. The dining area itself is really nice and filled with light. There was a little courtyard that I assume you can eat in during the warmer months. We came in the middle of the afternoon, so it was very quiet, but I think even at full capacity, you could have a nice conversation and great dining experience.


There was a fantastic mustard grain sauce at the table. It’s always exciting to have new versions of condiments, because I’m sure we’re all tired of the same old. We heard great things about the cheese plate, which apparently involves a whole cart of cheeses being brought out for you to pick from, but didn’t try it this time. We started off the meal with this chicken liver mousseline with little pieces of toast. Our waitress warned us that this was served chilled. The sauce to toast ratio was a little off, but our waitress kindly brought us more pieces of toast. The pickled vegetables that came with this were fantastic.

Lalbatros-5 Lalbatros-6

For our entree, we split the duck confit, which came with sweet potato puree and braised cabbage.  The wait staff was fantastic, and when we mentioned we were splitting it, plated the meal onto two separate dishes for us.  The duck was rich and moist, and the sweet potato was fantastic.  We were a bit rushed for time, and had to ask for our check early in the meal, but I would love to come back for the cheese plate and a more luxurious evening.  Overall, a great experience with superb service.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

L'Albatros on Urbanspoon

Lalbatros-1Happy holidays!



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