Restaurant Week: The Black Pearl

Fred took me to The Black Pearl once for drinks and chocolate mousse, which were both delicious.  I loved the wooden fans that hovered over the bar, and how the front opens on warm summer days, but we never got the chance to have a full meal there.  With Restaurant Week kicking in, we took the opportunity to try it out for real this time.  We made reservations for dinner at 6PM, ordering off of the Restaurant Week special $25 flat rate menu.  (Do you guys have any recommendations for Restaurant Week-participating restaurants to try?)

Maybe it’s because we sat tucked into a corner, but we got completely overlooked by the wait staff for the first 30 minutes.  We had to go up to the maitre d’ (who, to her credit, apologized profusely).  I got the salad, ribs, and brownie combo, and Fred ended up ordering a hamburger off the regular menu.  Our “grapefruitini” and chocolate/vanilla/coffee brownie dessert were both good!  The actual entrees were of nice quality but not particularly delicious, though to be fair, we completely bypassed the seafood in a self-defined “Seafood and Martini Bar.”

Check out The Black Pearl on Yelp or their official website.

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