CloverEats: Ann Arbor’s Restaurant Week: Logan

We are always the youngest table at Logan, a classic American restaurant tucked next to Frita Batido’s.  Their food is always impeccable, though usually our of our price range.  This Restaurant Week, the star of the menu was definitely the panzanella, an Italian bread salad with olives, basil, and arugula, which I don’t even normally like.  Also, their biscuits were dense and so delicious that we ate them up before remembering to take a picture.  I wish the RW menu had come with a dessert; instead, it had two appetizers and one entree, a similar style to what Pacific Rim’s menu had.  We got dessert anyway, a delightful almond cake (tasted and felt just like madeleines!) with a bourbon reduction sauce.  Apparently they have a Gruyere Custard with a caramelized onion marmalade on their regular menu; how creative and delicious!  Check out Logan on Yelp!

Logan on Urbanspoon

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