Special Guest Feature! KevinDrinks: The Last Word in Ann Arbor

















Hi guys, it’s Clover! I just got back from a super awesome night out and wan- Hey wait! What are y-

A-hem. Sorry ‘bout that, folks, but Clover’s going on a little break tonight, see? She’s a little tied up at the moment, if ya get my drift. So yours truly is gonna tell you guys and dolls about The Last Word, a little joint just a few blocks offa Main. This 1920’s style speakeasy is hard to find (just as it should be), unlit and unmarked on the outside. Once inside, the drink prices might seem like a lotta scratch at first, but you definitely get the bang for your buck when it comes to the hooch. The dim lighting and carefully crafted drinks are reminiscent of some East Village spots back in the Big Apple, like Booker & Dax. Most of the libations are unique, but two of them were real standouts. The Osborn is a gin cocktail with jalapeno and ginger beer that tickles your throat with spiciness, and the Port Flip is a Hennessy and egg yolk mixture that’s the perfect combination of creamy and bodied. The Last Word also offers some non-traditional bar food, but to be honest most of it was underwhelming and everything with pork seemed to come soggy. However, the oxtail poutine was a better-than-the-original reimagining with tender beef and a dollop of ricotta instead of the traditional cheese curds. All in all, the tasty drinks, laidback ambiance, and excellent service make for a great night out.

As your gal Clover would say, check them out on Yelp or at their official website!  1/2 price Whiskey Wednesdays and 20% off before 7pm Tues-Sat!

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