CloverEats: Amadeus in Ann Arbor









In days where restaurants are all about fusion or new, experimental foods, it’s nice to once in a while visit a restaurant with a dedicated cuisine like Amadeus. The restaurant was described by one reviewer as feeling like someone’s house, albeit someone with a nice house. It’s very cozy and somewhat rustic, and as far as I know, is one of the only restaurants in the city that focuses on Eastern European food. Everything we had was hearty and wholesome; I felt like very little was fried or oily. I got the Polish Plate, which included a wide range of foods: grilled polish sausage (kielbasa), Golabek (stuffed cabbage roll), Bigos (pork sauerkraut stew), and one pierogi (I got mushroom at our waitress’ recommendation). Nothing was really outstanding, unfortunately, but I liked being able to try a little but of everything. On the other hand, our dessert was amazing! The bill was a little expensive, and I felt we were the youngest diners there. I’ve read about their Budapest brunch and would love to come back sometime when the piano is playing. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Amadeus on Urbanspoon

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