CloverEats: Knight’s Downtown Steakhouse in Ann Arbor


I wanted to go to Knight’s as soon as it opened on Liberty, but was busy during its first week, and then spent my meals at Slurping Turtle and Tomukun KBBQ.  I’ve noticed them every time I’ve been downtown though; they even had a light displaying a rotating knight onto the sidewalk.


I like the robin’s egg teal color of the signs and at the top of the bar.IMG_3659-2

Full bar!  I like how the bar is in the middle of the restaurant.

My Ginger and Rye drink was super strong.  I only had a few sips and could already feel the alcohol.


This salad was okay; nothing special but nothing terrible either.


This Big Double Cheeseburger, “2 1/4lb patties, special sauce, lettuce, American cheese and pickles layered on a triple decker sesame seed bun”, looked and tasted just like a Big Mac.


My Petite Sirloin, 5 oz of steak with sweet potato fries.  The fries were quite tasty.  The steak was not bad; I guess it was decent for its $15 price tag.  I think that on days when I’m craving steak, Knight’s will offer a nice low-key opportunity when I don’t feel like going all out to Chop House.  I actually thought the 5 oz was the perfect size for me.  Good post-workout meal while bulking.

Build-you-own-burger, with barbeque sauce, “almost as good as Five Guys”, according to my friend.IMG_3691-8

Overall, I thought this was a nice place to get a steak or burger, with strong drinks and tasty fries!

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Knight's Downtown Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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