CloverEats: bd’s Mongolian Grill in Ann Arbor

bd inside

I had been to bd’s Mongolian Grill a few times when I first moved to Ann Arbor, but hadn’t been there recently.  They graciously invited me out to try some of their new menu items, and participate in their June stamp rewards card program!  We went for dinner during the middle of the week, and had a great time!IMG_4070-5IMG_4071-6

There were so many different possibilities!  I liked how recipes were provided.  IMG_4072-7

So many sauces!  I went for a tangy orange sauce that went very well with my rice noodles and beef.IMG_4073-8IMG_4092-11

The true stars of this experience were definite the “grill warriors” – they were lively, swift, and energetic, running around the hot grill.  There was a gong that they had people hit, and they sang songs as they cooked!  

I don’t have any specific dining restrictions, but another customer near us was vegetarian, so the grill warriors separated out her dish from the rest of the meals.  IMG_4085-10


Our finished products!  They were really tasty!  My fiancé went for the unlimited option, which at $16 was only a bit more than a single bowl, $13. Soup and salad are also included with dinner, so even if you can’t eat another whole bowl, you have options!IMG_4068-4IMG_4117-16IMG_4103-13

I got the “Orange Dragon,” which had Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum and Finest Call blood orange.  Unfortunately, it was really sugary.  Next time, I’m just going to go with beer.IMG_4062-1

I was able to get a bunch of stamps on my card!  There were so many great promotions – Mondays are $9.99 student nights, Wednesdays have 1/2 price wine bottles, kids eat for $2 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays…the list goes on!  I think bd’s has a great, lively environment that would be wonderful for families, big parties, or diners with big appetites!  Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
BD's Mongolian Grill on Urbanspoon

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