CloverVisits: Keyhole in Mackinaw


We went up to Mackinaw to visit some key areas of Michigan before leaving.  It was a little cold still, and before the normal tourism season began, so a lot of places were closed.  We initially stopped in another place but there were so many bad reviews on Yelp that we left and went to Keyhole instead, which had a rocking 4 stars.

Keyhole-3 Keyhole-4

The restaurant is full of keys, fitting to its name.

Keyhole-7 Keyhole-6

We got some whitefish and burgers, as a solid local beer that was on tap, the Horny Monkey from Petoskey.

Keyhole-8 Keyhole-9

Mackinaw is full of fudge.Keyhole

Check them out on Yelp!
Keyhole Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon


One thought on “CloverVisits: Keyhole in Mackinaw

  1. One of our “must stops” every trip to the bridge. Best perch and steamed shrimp ever!! Cold beer always, and the bartenders remember us every time we stop. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up from this Michigander!!

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