Just opened! BonChon in New Haven

After many months of painful waiting, with several delays holding up their opening day, BonChon has opened its New Haven doors! One of my students told me about the exciting news this week, and first day off I got, I went to check them out. Though it was Saturday night, we were able to get in without a wait by snagging a seat at the bar. Wood ceilings, painted brick, and music set the atmosphere. We went straight for the fried chicken, though some of the appetizers (salmon avocado ball) were certainly tempting. It comes in drumsticks, wings, or strips, and you can go from soy-garlic to the (impressively hot) spicy sauce. Even the half/half sauce was a little too spicy for me. I always love pickled radish and biting into the crunchy skin of the chicken brought me back to the good old days of Seoul Street in Ann Arbor. Korean Fried Chicken always has a place in my heart for late nights and beer with friends. Things were just a tad slow but it is only their first week open, and everyone was super nice. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

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