Juicy and expensive: on filet mignon at “The Stained Glass”

Whenever I go out with my parents, I know they’re going to treat me.  As Martin put it for them, “Your daughter has very expensive taste.”  My dad always used to tell me that The Stained Glass was a restaurant about wine, and now that I’m old enough, it’s one of my favorite places to hit up with my parents.

The Stained Glass is one of those really nice restaurants that don’t get busy until 9PM or so.  We originally were planning to go its neighbor, The Cellar, which actually shares a wine collection with it, but at 7PM, The Cellar was unbelievably packed.  We took a shortcut through the two restaurants’ connection, and ended up in a relatively empty Stained Glass.

The Experience: This restaurant has a great atmosphere – it’s a mixture of rustic and modern, with visible wooden beams and abstract soft paintings.  There’s a great wine collection, and one can order samplers of three called “wine flights.”  It’s a nice fancy restaurant, good for a date or so, with dim mood lighting and attentive waiters.  Dress is not particularly formal, but it’s definitely not a fast food place; meals take at least 2 hours.

My flight, "Walking on the White Path."

 The Food: Delicious, unusual combinations, and you can count on lots of truffle!  Stained Glass has small portions, but most meals are at least three courses, so the little bits certainly add up.  I believe the menu is printed out on a daily basis, and is constantly changing.  Here’s an example description from the website: “Scottish Salmon, miso glaze, bamboo rice, baby bok choy, lobster-uni emulsion, watermelon radish salad.”

Crab cake with pomme frites.

My appetizer: Savory Candy Stripe Beet "Cobbler"

 The Bill: As expected, our bill for three came to about $200.  But the food was good, and our waiter was nice.  There is something so luxurious about a long meal, with nice wine and decadent flavors.

My filet mignon~

Overall: Definitely a nice night out!  Check out the official website, and Yelp!

Medium rare lamb!

The Stained Glass on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Juicy and expensive: on filet mignon at “The Stained Glass”

    • Yes, I love Pete MIller’s! It seems to me like Stained Glass has a bigger variety of wines, as well as a more eclectic array of foods; you should check it out sometime. Very good for date night. =)


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