CloverSlurps: Lam Zhou in NYC: Chinatown






Words don’t really convey how amazing it is to have craved hand-pulled or knife-shaven noodles for years in between opportunities to get it. There are a few places in Chicago with good hand-pulled noodles but it’s been years since I’ve had knife-shaven noodles. I’m pretty sure the last time was when I was back in China several years ago. Lam Zhou is literally a hole in the wall, and there’s barely enough room to get in and sit down. The counters are super narrow and it’s a rather claustrophobic experience. You get to hear the slap as a big roll of dough is slammed down onto the board as the hand-pulling process begins. It is mesmerizing to watch as the noodles are folded and pulled, each time doubling in quantity and thinning out until you get a fantastic, doughy experience that land steaming onto the wobbly counter in front of you. Also, the dumplings were an unexpected amazing surprise, absolutely bursting with flavors and juices, and a ridiculous bargain at $3 for 10! The dumplings were so fantastic that I’d come all the way back to New York just for more. Overall, an excellent experience, and one I’m hoping to repeat soon! Check them out on Yelp!
Lam Zhou Hand Made Noodle & Dumpling Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hand-pulled noodles with beef aka "niu ro la mian"!

Hand-pulled noodles with beef aka “niu ro la mian”!



Knife-shaven noodles, "dao xiao mian"

Knife-shaven noodles, “dao xiao mian”


Dumplings aka "shui jiao"

Dumplings aka “shui jiao”


We also walked around the city a bit and hit up Chelsea Market, where even more wondrous food options awaited us. Then we walked along the high line and saw everything from Lego towers to free-for-all painting!







It was Comic-Con, so there were tons of people dressed up!



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