CloverCooks: hot pot at Chengdu in New Haven

It’s pretty much got the same structure and look as K2, which it replaced, but Chengdu Food Trail offers two important things that its predecessor did not: hot pot and BBQ. Of course, they’re still quite understaffed, and it takes quite a while to get any of your orders, but I’m nevertheless pleased that the quaint little town of New Haven has a place to go out for hot pot! The meat quality isn’t that great, and they don’t have the largest variety, but on a cold winter night, nothing really feels as good as hot pot with friends. You can, fortunately, get half spicy half mild pots, and I like the udon noodle and tofu skin. I love how you get to mix your own sauce because that way I can put as much vinegar as I want!

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

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