CloverDrinks! and dances at Chicago’s Salsa Club “Rumba”!

Rumba was described to me as a dining room/dance hall/club, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I went with Kevin, Marcy, and Julie; once we got off the El at the Merchandise Mart stop, I started feeling a little bit underdressed…

The Experience: We arrived just in time for the Friday night Salsa lesson, and started dancing right away!  The lessons gave us a nice introduction and also made it less scary to go out on a dance floor with what seemed like so many expert dancers!  (Sorry for the grainy pictures; my camera doesn’t handle dim lighting very well!)

The Drinks: Kevin, Marcy, and I all got cocktails.  Since we actually arrived pretty late, we didn’t actually order any food.  Marcy’s “Chica Fresca” was sweet and refreshing, whereas Kevin’s “Antigua” was quite bitter.

Marcy took this!

The Bill: There was a $10 cover charge to get in, and drinks were also quite expensive, approximately $10 each.  But the live band was great, and the dancing was invigorating!

Overall: Rumba was so much fun, although it’s probably too expensive for a starving college student.  Check it out for great dancing!  Official website; Yelp!

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