How does this place not have a Michelin star? Our amazing experience at Grillið in Reykjavik, Iceland

Some thoughts:
– absolutely amazing food
– tons of creative and playful takes on food – for example, the take on garlic bread involved a soft potato bread meant to be pulled apart by your hands with a generous dollop of mushroom butter and then dunking it into a garlic soup – you’re surprised at first – where are the utensils? Would a restaurant of this caliber really let you eat with your hands? But then they come out with hot towels and a lovely cracked plate with the crack lined with gold – kintsugi-style
– loved the marshmallow caramel pops at the end, on a stick and bed of forestry
– celeriac and fish; seems very Icelandic
– service was good but not really warm or particularly attentive; water glasses refilled frequently but it’s not like EMP
– great view of the city, high up, overlooking; 360 astrology decorations
– comfy chairs
– mostly older clientele
– some of the items a bit salty (fish, lamb, dessert)
– no cocktail bar
– certain flavors incorporated in multiple ways in a dish
– always an interactive portion of the food – bringing freeze-dried or sauce or torch at tableside – really fantastic
– overall, I’m shocked this restaurant doesn’t have a Michelin star – maybe needs a better name and some better service but the food is top-notch

Check out their website!

Our tasting menu:
Small snacks from the kitchen
Potato bread, roasted garlic soup and cep butter
Dover sole, ramsons & crispy chicken skin
Fillet of lamb, trumpet & cep mushroom
Beef tenderloin, celeriac, oyster mushroom &
spruce cream
Hazelnuts, arctic thyme ice cream & pears
Sweet delights
MENU ISK 11.900” (~120$)


And a handful of other Iceland shots:

One thought on “How does this place not have a Michelin star? Our amazing experience at Grillið in Reykjavik, Iceland

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