A fantastic meal at Vox in Reykjavik, Iceland

Vox was probably the second-best meal we had, after Grillid. It was a bit out of the way, and we had to take a cab to the Hilton but it was so worth it. I wasn’t particularly expecting much, it was almost empty despite it being a weekend night, and it was ranked highly on TripAdvisor. But my husband said it had a Michelin Plate and so was worth a visit. I’m happy I came because the food was amazing!

  • The sauce for the bread was one of the best bread sauces I’ve ever encountered – brown butter, mustard seeds, and chives.
  • The ‘Little Fly’ cocktail was adorable, but although it was an award-winning cocktail, it wasn’t really anything special.
  • The service was a little off – most of these nice restaurants ask about allergies, for example; the pacing was also off, only seconds after we got bread, the first course of the tasting menu came out, and we were left to scramble to rearrange our plates. Besides these little hiccups though, the food was wonderful.
  • The single of ravioli is raviolo and we had a lovely bite into this one. There was also a lot of last-minute sauces poured at the table, freshly mixing with the food.
  • Lamb and celeriac and mushrooms appeared again, as seems to be expected in Iceland
  • The brisket was overly salty, and unfortunately made a reappearance with the lamb
  • The pavlova dessert was divine.
  • Overall, a great experience, far above Nostra and just a smidge below Grillid. 10,900 KR. Check them out on their website!

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