CloverEats: Highland Park’s Walker Brothers Pancakes







It seems that there is always a huge line when we come to Walker Brothers. Do not be daunted, for it moves swiftly and usually doesn’t come out to be more than twenty minutes. The decor is homey and bright, and the service is always quick and efficient. I love their fresh squeezed orange juice, and their coffee is tasty too. They are famous for their Apple Pancake, which is more of an apple pie than a pancake, and it while it never fails to disappoint, over the years I have come to prefer ordering their other, lesser known dishes. Plus, I can never eat more than a quarter of the Apple Pancake. Their potato pancakes are thin, crispy delights, and their bacon is always thick and delicious. I also have always liked the chocolate chippies. Most of the things are rather simple, but it’s a great deal price-wise and even across the several restaurants that have now opened, things are consistently good. Check them out on Yelp or at their official website.

Walker Bros Original Pancake House on Urbanspoon

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