CloverReturns: another Restaurant Week dinner at Mani Osteria














Last year, we so thoroughly enjoyed our Restaurant Week dinner at Mani that we decided we had to return this year.  Many members of our table ordered the always-wonderful pork belly appetizer, but this year, we decided to branch out a bit with pickled tomatoes and beef carpaccio.  I thought the carpaccio was fantastic, and although less filling than the pork belly, worked as a better appetizer with our giant entrees.  The pickled tomatoes were also great, but I’m biased, as I love anything that’s pickled.  Almost everyone ordered pizzas, which Mani is most well-known for, but the one pasta dish we ordered, the pappardelle, wasn’t particularly impressive; while I always love thick, sheet-like noodles, here, the sauce was too meaty for my taste.   All the pizzas that we ordered were amazing; you can’t go wrong with any of them.  I even got an egg on my pizza this year, and the creamy yolk made everything that much more delicious.  For dessert, our waiter was kind enough to substitute decaf espresso for its full-power version.  I love the flavor of coffee in my desserts, but can’t sleep a wink if I have coffee after dinner, so this was a major decisional factor in ordering the affrogato over the cannoli, which I wasn’t too big a fan of last year.  Overall, a lovely meal, as is always the case with Mani.  Check them out on Yelp, or at their official website!

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