CloverEats: Wagamama in Boston

I stopped by the Wagamama in the Prudential Center while I was in Boston. I really liked the wide open atmosphere of the restaurant. I came in the middle of the afternoon, and was able to get seated and served almost immediately.  The name means ‘mischievous child’ and is really fun to say.  There are only a couple locations in the US, but they have quite a few more internationally.


I started off with an “Upside Down Frown” with blueberry, lemon, Crabbie’s ginger beer. This was kind of watery.
I got the chicken ramen – noodles in chicken/pork broth with grilled chicken breast, baby spinach, menma, scallions. Noodles are always fantastic, and I will love most noodles I come across. What surprised me here was how soft and flavorful the chicken breast was.  It was quite delicious.



Some Yelp reviews have mentioned slow service, but everything was prompt during my dining experience here.  If anything, my waiter, a trainee, tended to helicopter.  It’s nice that the restaurant seems to be replying to most Yelp reviews, good and bad.  The restaurant is in such a nice location; you can eat more than usual and work off the extra calories shopping.  Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Wagamama on Urbanspoon


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