The things I’ll miss about Ann Arbor.

Goodbye, Ann Arbor, it’s been a great four years.


While here, CloverEats! joined Twitter, Facebook, and Urbanspoon.

Over 150 posts were published.

I’ll miss Restaurant Week.  So many great meals.

I upgraded to a Canon 6D and a macro 50mm f/2.4, switched to shooting RAW, and started using Lightroom.


I’m really going to miss takeout from Cardamom.

I’m so sad that I’m leaving before Eve reopens eve the restaurant, because I love Frita Batidos.

I learned so much and met some really cool folks.

If you haven’t already, check out The Food and Wine Hedonist, Meg Goes Nom Nom, and The Winegetter.

Goodbye, SONGBiRD, goodbye, TeaHaus.

I loved Top of the Park, summer days in the Arb, kayaking down the Huron River.

I loved noodles and Korean BBQ at Tomukun.

 Hopefully, New England will be able to offer a wide variety of restaurants.  Goodbye, Ann Arbor, I promise to visit!

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