CloverEats! Pad See Ewe at Evanston’s adorable “Cozy Noodles”!

Cristina’s older sister Merina recommended Cozy Noodles, and we’ve been continually returning to it for over six years now!  It’s an adorable restaurant, very eclectic and highly decorated.

The entrance to Cozy.

The Experience: One comes to Cozy for the experience.  The restaurant is packed full of someone’s collection – he or she has accumulated everything from lunchboxes to license plates to toy robots over the years, and they are proudly displayed on the walls of the restaurant.

Some decorations.

There’s even a lifesize Elvis in the window, along with a Hello Kitty car and a water fountain.  There are cute signs all around that say everything from, “Please (present your coupon at the beginning of the each meal, otherwise you could) save it!” to “Princess parking only, all others will be toad!”  It’s really adorable.

An entire wall of license plates!

Robots and toys!

Lunch boxes!

The Food: Cozy has pretty good food; there’s nothing spectacular about it, but I’ve also never had a bad experience either.  It can get pretty crowded on Friday nights, since it’s BYOB and Evanston is a college town.  There’s a liquor store right across the street too, so it’s pretty much as convenient as you can get.


Pad See Ewe!

Although there isn’t any Mango Sticky Rice on the dessert menu, there’s some delicious mochi that comes nicely decorated.


The Bill: Cozy is a lot cheaper if you come for their lunch specials, which Evelyn, Cristina and I used to do all the time during our IMSA Mentorship lunch breaks.  The dinner is a little bit pricier, coming to approximately $25 for two.

Overall: Cozy has yummy food and an adorable setup.  Check it out if you’re ever far south!  Official website; Yelp!

Cozy Noodles & Rice on Urbanspoon

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