CloverEats! amazing waffles at Evanston’s Walker Brothers Pancake House.

I’ve blogged before about how brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day.  There’s nothing nicer on a lazy Sunday than sleeping in, getting dressed up, and heading out for hot coffee and sweetcakes.  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Walker Brothers especially, and for a while, went there every Sunday with my dad.  The lines can get really long on weekends, so be sure to go either really early or really late!

I love the bright windows and stained glass!

If I’m at Walker Brothers with a group, I always split their amazing Apple Pancake.  However, when I’m by myself, I prefer either Potato Pancakes or Chocolate Chippies.  Today, I went for a Bacon Waffle.  It was AMAZING.

Bacon + waffle + syrup = crazy delicious!

Strawberry crepes.

The service is always surprisingly fast (especially considering how crowded it sometimes is), and though there’s a line to get seated, it always moves quickly.  I have had so many good times at Walker Brothers; check it out sometime!

Cream, coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice!

YELP; Official Website.

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