CloverSips: Ann Arbor’s Vinology!

There are cold nights when studying just feels more unappealing than usual.  At times like these, I think a break for a really nice dinner is the perfect thing to pump me back up to hit the books.  We ventured forth through the slush to Vinology on Main St., where a packed house greeted us.  We were lucky enough to grab the last two seats at the end of the bar, which had a huge stock of wines and cocktails.

For dinner, I got the porcini skirt steak, which came with inside-out mac and cheese (the mushroom looking object), and pickled butternut squash.  The flavors and textures were amazingly delicious!  Fred got the falafel crusted tuna, which was also great!

This is the amazing dessert we had: ginger-apricot wontons with green tea mousse.  It was so flavorful and warm, with cold, ice-creamy mousse, and came paired with a super sweet dessert wine.  Vinology is one of my new favorites in Ann Arbor!  Check them out on Yelp or official website, and happy holidays from Clover Eats!

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