CloverEats: Ann Arbor’s Logan!

Pumpkin colored paint is very October.

French onion soup to amuse our bouches!

My herbed goat cheese ravioli! White wine cream sauce + rosemary, thyme.

Fred’s olive oil tuna, saffron risotto, and lemon nage!

Pear Roulade.

“Chocolate mousse.”

Logan is a contemporary American restaurant, and I feel like our trips to it are hit or miss.  Their Restaurant Week menu was fantastic, but this time, I was disappointed in my dessert.  I get chocolate mousse at almost every restaurant that I go to, and this one was much more truffle than mousse, unfortunately.  Nevertheless, Fred calls Logan his favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor (I would probably say Pacific Rim or Vinology).  Check it out on Yelp, or at its official website!

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