Special Guest Feature! NancySlurps: the new Slurping Turtle in Ann Arbor!






Homemade silky tofu toppings.


Hamachi tacos: tartare of yellowtail, truffle-soy, taro root shell


Duck fat fried chicken.


Butakakuni – pork belly.


Bao x3.


Delicious salad that came with the bao.


Roasted Chicken Shoyu Ramen: homemade ramen noodle, roasted chicken, poached egg, scallions, bok choy, bamboo shoots


Black sesame ice cream.


Macarons: raspberry wasabi, yuzu, chocolate-sesame, oba, caramel soy.



The famous noodle machine.


Mocktails. Riding High: lychee, apricot, lemon, soda.  Daytripper: ginger, honey, pomegranate vinegar, lemon, soda.


Princess Mononoke playing! IMG_3524-4

Tuna tataki: wonton chips, sesame dressing, ohba and chili threads


Do Nabe Bouillabaisse: kimchee-miso broth, mochi, silken tofu, enokii mushroom, mussles, clams, shrimp.


Tonkotsu: thin homemade ramen noodles, silky pork broth, pork chashu, bok choy, pickled mustard greens, braised woodear mushrooms.


Tofu cheesecake: miso-graham crumbs, seasonal berries.

IMG_3558-9An Mitsu: mandarin agar cubes, green tea soft serve, red bean, seasonal fruit.

For this review, I’m happy to be featuring another Chicago/AnnArbor citizen, eater, and restaurant reviewer, Nancy!  My friend and neighbor, Nancy has been known to whip up (and share) delectable late-night baked goods, host underground restaurant dinner parties in her apartment, and is overall quite the culinary aficionado.  For more of Nancy’s fantastic reviews, you can check out her Yelp page!

Hi, my name is Nancy, and I really like to eat. And I now have the pleasure of stealing Clover’s limelight to shed on my two cents of the shiny new Slurping Turtle joint that opened last week in Ann Arbor! Woots.

So first off, you have to understand how long I have anticipated for this place to open. I’ve been tracking it since rumors started flying around about a Slurping Turtle opening in Ann Arbor some time early last year, so it’s been a while. I had the pleasure of going to the Slurping Turtle in Chicago, and had a great time there, so I expected GREAT things. I must say, after hearing some preliminary lackluster reviews from friends about the Shoyu Ramen here, I was a little wary. BUT, we steered clear of the Shoyu Ramen this time around, and everyone appeared stuffed and satisfied. Now for the play-by-play:

(They still don’t have their liquor license when we came in, so we ordered the mocktails…)
– High rider: I was enticed by the lychee and grapefruit in this mocktail. The drink was refreshing, but way too diluted in my opinion.

– Hamachi tacos: Really good! The sesame dressing was delicious and the taco shells were made of taro, which gave it a really unique starchy, potato-y flavor, BUT BETTER because it’s taro.

Main Course:
– Tan Tan Men Ramen: The meatballs in this ramen were awesome! It had just the right amount of “bounce” texture-wise and was really flavorful. The pork chashu was the shiz, probably the best part. Too bad there was only one piece, maybe that’s why it tasted so good…But c’mon, for what you’re paying, slapping another piece in there is warranted.
– Tonkotsu Ramen: As good as I remember it being in Chicago. Rich, savory, umami-ful(?) broth and as far as the pork chashu goes, see above comment.

– Quail Egg Shooters: After hearing Clover rave about the quail egg shooters, how can I NOT try them? And I’m really glad I did! Such a bizarre but wonderful combination of flavors: the burst of acidity from the lime, the decadence of the quail egg yolk, the sweet and rich creaminess of the condensed milk and coconut milk, and the minty fresh aftertaste. Yum yum!
– Tofu Cheesecake: Incredibly light! I imagine this is what eating a cloud would be like. Not mind-blowing per se, but a great option for a light dessert (the cheesecake, that is, not the cloud).

I was satisfied with my experience here. It was a fun, laid-back atmosphere with various Japanese animated films playing on the tv’s and communal seating–get ready to get cozy with your neighbors! Am excited to go back when they get their liquor license for the sake flights, which were excellent when I had them in Chicago. As Clover likes to say, check them out on Yelp and weigh in on your experience! You can also check out their website for the latest updates!

Slurping Turtle on Urbanspoon

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