CloverEats: Mark’s Carts in Ann Arbor

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I love how Ann Arbor is fully of little secrets.  I had seen Mark’s Carts on Yelp before, but had never been able to find them.  It turns out they’re tucked next to the parking lot off of Main Street, and are not open during the winter.  There’s a huge variety of cuisines, everything from Indian Fusion to Grilled Cheese.  Delicious!  To be honest, a bunch of these photos are actually from last year, and this year the carts have switched up.  I especially like Beetbox’s beet juice, San Street’s buns, and the “nutrilicious” Shanu Chaat from Hut-k.  The new dumplings from are also tasty, and you can get them either steamed for fried!  I was less impressed with the bacon-wrapped dates from Simply Spanish, a dish that I learned to love from Tapas Barcelona in Evanston.  The horchata from El Manantial was super refreshing on a warm summer evening.  On cooler days, they’ll sometimes light up a fireplace.  It’s especially fun to go on the nights that they have live music or dancing.  Overall, Mark’s Carts is an amazing place to grab a bunch of different food and chat with friends.  Plus, Bill’s Beer Garden is right next door! Check them out on Yelp, Facebook, or at their official website!

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