CloverTravels: Riu Palace las Americas in Cancun, Mexico


We recently took a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun.  Breakfast and lunch were amazing buffets including delicious tropical fruits that I ate plates and plates of – guava! Passion fruit!  Papaya!  The sweetest mango!  However, for dinner, the resort had several themed restaurants that one could book reservations for.  I was surprised by how tasty and well-plated some of the dishes we had were!


Our friend submitted a big project proposal, and when our waiter heard, he brought out sake bombs for us to celebrate!IMG_3778-12

I’m not big on seafood, but my friends said that the fish, mussels, and crab were super fresh and tasty.  IMG_3698-2

Our little strip of beach.  The waitstaff walks by to take your order and will bring drinks out to you!  Very nice!IMG_3777-11 IMG_3707-4

The hotel bar served up amazing lattes that we had at least twice a day.  It looks as good as it tastes!  Also, I like the expression that I caught on Fred’s face.
IMG_3699-3 IMG_3833-24

Possibly one of the best macaroons I’ve ever had!  IMG_3830-23

Fish, fish, everywhere.IMG_3829-22

I know you’re not supposed to eat raw meat, but this beef carpaccio was amazing!IMG_3795-16Overall, a fun and tasty experience!  We actually went here last year as well, and I felt like the hotel became stricter since we were last at it.  This time, they closed the pool and beach at night, and also banned the much-loved Tequila Boom Boom drinks – tequila mixed with soda that you SLAM on the table and drink while it’s fizzing.

I  guess the place to check them out would be Expedia!



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