In which I discover a newfound love for oysters: The Sardine Room in Plymouth


Once in a while, we’ll hear about a fantastic restaurant that’s a little ways away. Kevin told me about The Sardine Room in Plymouth a couple months ago, but it took a while for us to be able to make the drive over. They feature “buck-a-shuck” dollar oysters during their happy hour, which runs 4-6PM Monday-Friday. Although I grew up in Boston, I always found oysters to be strange-looking sea creatures that belonged in a harbor rather than on my dining plate. I must truly be an adult now that I have not only tried oysters, but found them to be delightful little bursts of lemony-ocean flavor. Also, they’re so photogenic!






I really loved the interior of The Sardine Room.  The vibe was very hip, something that I’d expect to find downtown rather than in the cozy, quaint town square of Plymouth.  We sat right in front of the windows, in a little lounge area complete with low marble tables.  The afternoon sun was absolutely perfect for photography, but I would have been happy sitting anywhere in this very modern design.SardineRoom-4


Cheese plate

Strawberry rhubarb shrub

Sardine shrub

In addition to my newfound love for oysters, I also found a new drink to love – a ‘shrub’ is a vinegared syrup that gives fantastic flavor to cocktails. My Sardine Shrub was composed of strawberry rhubarb shrub, soho lychee, lamarca, and orange bitters; it was the perfect afternoon drink.

Shishito peppers

Shishito peppers

porchetta slider: brioche, arugula, pickled onions,  salsa verde

Porchetta slider: brioche, arugula, pickled onions, salsa verde

Besides oysters, we imbibed in a host of other snacks, both off the happy hour menu and from the regular dinner menu. Everything was tasty, but my favorite was the shishito peppers – great, flavorful little bites, just ask for the salt on the side.  The cheese plate and porchetta sliders were also good.




Smoked salmon pate

Smoked salmon pate

Mussels with red curry

Mussels with red curry

kimchi hand cut fries: pulled pork, kewpie mayonnaise, green onions, fresno chiles

Kimchi hand cut fries: pulled pork, kewpie mayonnaise, green onions, fresno chiles

Thanks again to Kevin for the great find, and to both Kevin and Claudia for introducing me to a delightful new delicacy.  Now here’s to hoping I don’t contract a nasty case of Vibrio.

Readers, do you know of anywhere more local that offers up a good serving of oysters?

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Sardine Room on Urbanspoon


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