CloverEats: Haymarket in Chicago


We met up with some friends for lunch on NYE at Haymarket, a pub and brewery in the West Loop. Although we had a pretty large group, we were able to get seated at lunch without a wait! Also, we were able to find parking just a block away.  

Haymarket-2 Haymarket-3

The thing I love most about going to eat with large groups is that we are able to try a lot of different things and share!  Haymarket makes this especially easy because it offers 4oz pours at the same price/volume as larger volumes, which is nice because then you feel free to try several different small options rather than being forced to buy the most cost effective drink.  Above is 12oz of what turned out to be my favorite, the Purple Sock Monkey – “Belgian Farmhouse Ale 5.5% brewed with Pilsen malt, yeast from one of Belgium’s most prestigious farmhouse brewers, and 80 gallons of real blackberry juice! Oh, and it’s purple.”


Here are a few more 4oz pours, Awkward Exchange – “Belgian ale. Dark. Blackberry. Strong. Candi Sugar…that’s also dark. Ike’s belt. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at BuckleDown Brewing” and Girl and the Goatee VIII – “What happens when Stephanie and Pete mix 500lbs of tart grape juice from Klug farm with Biere de Garde yeast? Decide for yourself, but we love it! It’s slightly tart, lightly spicy, and finishes dry…unlike the floor after crushing 500lbs of grapes. But ask Gary about that…”


Another beautiful photo of the Awkward Exchange.  And below, Clare’s Strong Scotch Ale – “Clare said “let’s make a Scotch ale this fall.” I said “great idea!” This big, malty ale is brewed with 7 different types of malt including Special B, Victory, dark crystal, and chocolate. Scotland is a historically poor growing region for hops, so many of their beer styles are malt forward and complex. Look for hints of cherry, raisin, toffee, and cocoa!”

Haymarket-9Haymarket-8Cheers!Haymarket-10 Haymarket-11The burgers were delicious, flavorful and juicy!  My brat was okay, but I wish the kraut was more flavorful.  There is an interesting sweet potato tot side that I think is better than normal tater tots.  Haymarket-12 Haymarket-13Haymarket was great for our big group and it was very fun to be able to try all the different types of beers!  Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
Haymarket Pub & Brewery on Urbanspoon

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