CloverEats: Ninja City in Cleveland


I stopped by Ninja City while visiting Cleveland. My hotel didn’t have any lunch offerings, but I was told that there were plenty of restaurants just down the block.  When I walked around, I noticed Ninja City’s large block letters, and was intrigued.  The restaurant was heavily decorated with a video game and ninja theme, as was to be expected.



I stopped in pretty soon after they opened for the day, so it was pretty quiet. It got a lot busier by the time I left, however. I sat downstairs at the bar with the very nice and friendly bartender. I got a ginger beer which was quite refreshing.  They have an interesting paper menu where you check off what you’d like to order.  It seems like a nice place to grab a casual meal.



I got the Vietnamese noodle bowl, which came with a nice sweet garlic vinaigrette. It was a generous serving and quite filling; I had plenty left to take home for another meal.  I wish there had been more of the sauce, however.  The bartender, while very nice, wasn’t the most attentive, or at least didn’t have that waiter-sense that experienced servers usually have.


It sounds like there was a lot of controversy recently over a Yelp review and the restaurant’s subsequent response. I have to say that while things aren’t perfect, this place isn’t as terrible as some of its reviews might make it seem. Plus, they have an arcade unit! Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

Ninja City on Urbanspoon


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