Macheko Grill in Ypsilanti

Kevin told me about Macheko Grill, a pretty new Korean restaurant out in Ypsi. It was late at night, but I logged onto their website and checked them out. Everything looked delicious. I immediately knew I had to try them out. Looking at their photos made me so hungry I ate another dinner even though I already brushed my teeth. When I finally got a chance to visit, they did not disappoint!


The exterior was pretty unimpressive, as it’s in a strip mall on Ellsworth.  Luckily, this means there’s plenty of easy parking.


Here’s an example of a table.  The restaurant had a lot of Korean and non-Korean patrons alike, but the TVs were playing Korean music videos.  We went pretty early in the evening, but the entire restaurant was full with a wait by the time we left.  Macheko-4


You can get sake bombs here!  There were only 5 banchan, but the kimchi was great.  Very spicy!




We were lame and just got dishes.  In retrospect, I wish I had gotten their 888 Galbi or their Hot Pot special, something that utilized the grill.  I definitely want to come back and try more of their options soon.  Their menu is quite extensive.



The dolsot bibimbop was everything a dolsot bibimbop should be, and they have purple rice! My champon was jam-packed with goodies, and the soup was so deliciously spicy that it literally brought tears to my eyes. I wish the noodles were a little chewier though.


Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Macheko Grill on Urbanspoon


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